the art of piecing together

i have always been intrigued by quilts; they keep you warm when you're wrapped up in one and when not, they are lovely laid over the foot of your bed. but somehow through the years i have not managed to acquire one. so few of them "speak" to me, at times they may even lack "soul". you've seen them, those sad mass produced ones that follow a pattern and were never touched by hands that love. lately however, i have been coming across some very lively and unique works that inspire me to perhaps work on one myself.

this is one from the tokyo international quilt festival 2008, it is absolutely astonishing in the details and variety of stitches. it is definitely what you would call a master work, i only wish i could see it in person.

here is a more detailed view so you can see the intricacies involved in something like this.

the one above is another from the tokyo international quilt festival 2008. the pastels and limited brights create a striking display of subtleties in overall color. it is warm and loved to me, something that would provide comfort when one is sad. it is like a sunburst and yet earthy at the same moment.

apparently it is stitched pojagi style-a form of korean patchwork.

one of the first quilts to show me the possibility of freedom. i like the looseness, the off-kilter appearance, and the shades of green that are reminiscent of young grass.

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