the ombre that felt.

so lately i've been playing around with boiled felt, and have discovered certain aspects of the process that are not so fun. one, dyed wool does not retain it's color when boiled for 20 minutes, but natural undyed wool survives the process just fine. two, there is a certain aroma that boiling wool exudes, something along the line of that hair you pull out of the bathtub drain once a month.
i love felt, it is extremely gratifying to create and the texture is lovely and bumpy and just so tactile. ombre is the mixing of lights and darks that blend into each other, sometimes monochromatic and at times multi hued. prada had a lot of ombre felt going on in their f/w 07 collection, it was gorgeous.
i've been planning a cover for my ipod so that it gets less scratches when thrown into my bag. not that it doesn't already have a nice case to protect the actual ipod, but i wanted something soft and colorful. through the blogging process i've run across several very nice felt covers, but i'm a girl of embellishment if nothing else, so none satisfied. but an ombre and embroidered cover? now that's something i could make. here are the results of my felting, sewing, and embroidering:

front, with doppelganger.


front, detail.

back, detail, look at that cute little apple!

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