sewing with da machine

i've had my eye on a certain sewing machine since december, and finally was able to get it. the pretty thing came last week and i've been playing with it ever since; i have dubbed it "lola". first i took in and took up my work pants, then i widened a nautical blouse for my brother's fiance, and earlier today i was sewing together a kiss-lock purse i've been thinking of doing since november.
so, as usual in my demented quest for more creative skills, i've been wandering through blog land in search of other sew happy types. there are so many blogs out there with lots of wonderful things; if i can find clothing fabric that's pretty i'm going to start making my own clothes. one book i have, stylish dress book, has lots of simple and pretty patterns that can be changed up by using this sleeve over that one, or shortened to make a tunic into a blouse.
well, i'm off to find a kitchen table for the dollhouse. here's to a successful hunt!

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