comfy bench that was once a coffee table

i love getting new pieces for the dollhouse, and checking the item off of my list of things that would complete it. while looking at the large room that is the living room/dining room, i pictured a lovely long bench to go under a picture to the left side of the future dining table. it needed to be low enough to sit on and to add cushioning, but thin enough so that it did not crowd the room.

while browsing a dollhouse store we discovered while going the wrong way, i came across a quartz topped coffee table that would be perfect. i was actually amazed that real quartz was used, and not a plastic alternative. it has quite a lovely sparkle and weight to it. i had a few scraps of orange dupioni silk that i was saving for that area and decided to make two box cushions; there not being enough material to make one to cover the entire top. i rather like it, and it goes very well against the wall.

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