think of it as a family tree; from one word pincushion grows two, cushion and pin. i've been working on the cushion part for a week or two. it kind of started from creating too large of a pincushion patchwork, and not wanting to trim, i decided to expand.

it had been mentioned to me a little bit ago that i would be better off creating cushions, and for awhile i put the thought aside. there were several issues relating to this decision; i don't like large scale, i don't want something too busy, and also being able to use my bits and scraps of fabric wouldn't work if i had to make larger blocks. but, i did not forget this idea, i just needed time to ruminate on it until i thought of something that worked for me. then along came the too-big piece colliding with recent research of the selvedge magazine kind, and voila! a cushion.

working along the same lines of the pincushions, of being kind to the environment, i used kokka's organic cotton for the back, and kapok for the filler. kapok is an environmentally friendly fiber obtained from the seed pod of the kapok tree. it has a nice fluff and lightness to it very similar to down.

i've since made two, and have no interest in stopping. so expect to see more in the future.

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