you'll never guess...

i finally saved enough and was able to order my very first computer; a laptop, and not just any laptop but a pretty white one with an apple on the front. i'm beyond excited! i've been playing around with it all day and it's definitely different from what i'm used to (a pc). i can hardly believe it's all mine, mine i say! no more sharing with at least two other people, no longer shall the desktop background be a photo of something we can all agree on, no more disorganized chaos in digital form, no more giant dark and brooding desktop. hip hip hooray!

the only thing between me and utter happiness is that i don't have photoshop for mac, so i just have to keep using the family pc to edit images as i save up for adobe photoshop cs4 (which probably cost as much as the computer). what a lovely new year's resolution! i resolve to always ask myself which is more important; getting photoshop or eating out, that new shirt, those yummy looking baking thingies, that too cute pen, etc., etc., etc.? and if i'm really good at this self delusion thing i'll loose some weight as the food and gas budget get smaller.

i wish you all have a merry, zany, and not too awkward holiday!

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