if it moves is it still illustration?

cartoons are delightful! just because one is an adult, i don't see why one can't continue watching cartoons. they are created by adults aren't they? see, my point exactly.

one of my recent favorites is the marvelous misadventures of flapjack. what is it about this spiffy show that tugs at my heart strings? besides the incredible texture, amazing color choices, delicate linework and awesome animation, the storyline is quite humorous, the characters are fleshed out and the voice acting is well matched.

and because of the great thing that is the internet, i can watch it whenever i want!


lola said...

ooh! what about charlie and lola? so sweet.

anastasia said...

charlie and lola is great! i've caught a couple of episodes. invader zim, teen titans, dexter's lab, and avatar are others that i try to catch. the funny thing is that i see more cartoons when there aren't any children in the house; my nephew is obsessed by spongebob and that's all that is on when he's here.