visual delight

i find the films of hayao miyazaki entirely enchanting. some of them touch on the uglier sides of our nature, nausicaa of the valley of the wind, princess mononoke, but for the most part are quite wonderful. spirited away, howl's moving castle (the book by diana wynn jones is amazing), whisper of the heart, and the latest installation, ponyo, have quickly become some of my most viewed and favorite films.

i viewed ponyo the other night; it had been languishing on my netflix list for quite some time, always reading "very long wait". i absolutely love this film, the plot, the characters, the adventure, the amazing animations in the opening sequence, not the least of all the scrumptious visuals found throughout. i find this movie sweet with an aftertaste of that mushy lovely warm feeling.

there are some of his works i haven't seen yet, but hopefully this will be remedied in the next year.

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