seeking knowledge

once i had my loom arranged nicely into it's new home, i realized that there was a gully of information pertaining to sophy that i did not have. i would need a source, and turning to the internet i thought i had one between the covers of a book, learning to weave. but upon reading the book and having many questions i began to think that perhaps knowledge from flesh and blood would be no bad thing.
so, perceiving that a fibre guild would contain people who were experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to share, i went in search of one close to home. luckily for me there is one in savannah, the fiber guild of the savannahs. and also that they were to have a gallery opening that friday, and a monthly meeting on the following day.

the exhibit was very well attended and contained exceedingly beautiful, skillfully rendered pieces. i met one weaver, bonnie, who is willing to have me as a student. i am glad for this.
at the meeting we discussed guild business, the upcoming may workshop, and were shown how to create a beaded button, or pin. i created a moon rising into the starlit sky amongst hills of green. i am excited to be a part of this community of women, who i hope to learn much from, and who have welcomed me amongst them.

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Suzy said...

We are so happy to have you as a part of the guild! Your finished pin looks great!