a throne!

it would seem that it has become a necessity to have a bench upon which to sit when weaving. nothing with a back, so out goes the chair, something cushy as you'll be sitting awhile, so no hardbutt stools, and it should be a nice height so your legs don't fall asleep. oh, yeah, and cheap in the dollar department, as funds dwindle with my trip to japan growing ever closer.

after several hours spent roaming through antique malls, discount furniture stores, and dusty "attic" stores, i found a bench that would fulfill the above list. but it had no seat. but the bones were good; strong and sturdy. but it needed a seat.

i figured some cushy foam, some scrap plywood cut to size and a bit of lovely linen would make it a wonderful bench. once i removed the several layers of grim, oiled it, and waxed it, that is. but of course the linen i wanted to use had a prussian blue stripe, and i really would like a light blue stripe. so then i spent several hours prying the unwanted color out of the warp with a seam ripper, then spent several more hand weaving the new color in. let's just say, i'm nuts, and i can no longer feel the side of my index finger.

then tacking the new seat together (no hammer accidents, luckily) and voila! a new (but was once old) ever so comfy (i hope) bench for my loom. now my only wish is that my cats won't decide to find it as comfy as well.

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