project crocker

Project Runways finale last night was a crock! it was a case of major favoritism. Jillian's line was creative, it showed ingenuity, could be worn right off the runway, and she even opened up an area where other designers did not tread-knitwear. Rami's line showed diversity, "from nuts to dessert", was almost as wearable, and had color. and yet who did the judges pick? they picked a line that was heavy, full of monotony, definitely not ready-to-wear, and definitely not something most women could pull off if you're above a size 2. what were they thinking?
and when did Posh Spice become such a fashion expert? she still dresses like a cheap street hooker. how often are the paparazzi splashing her photo in the worst dressed column? last nights winner was a complete letdown and sham.

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