what would you take?

ever wonder what you would take if you had to leave during a weather emergency? we had tornado scares last night, so i went through my belongings and grabbed what i felt i could not leave behind. luckily we did not have to evacuate as the storm system moved north of us. it's strange seeing in the light of a new morning what i think is important. besides a folder of paperwork like checkbooks, paycheck stubs and insurance papers, i grabbed:

a maruschka doll from my great aunts
a small photo album
a new dress that i bought for a wedding that i have not worn yet
calculator (it was in among my checkbooks)
my two resin dolls
cat food
a small kaleidescope glass ball
my portfolio
my flash card
stamps in a box i have been collecting for years
baby blanket

strangely, i forgot to pack my book of passwords, my toothbrush and toothpaste. weird. i also put halters on my two cats, nala and meiko, and would not let them leave my side until the danger had passed. the photo above was taken late in the day, the color of everything was really pink and the air felt heavy.

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