all the color is bleaching out...

i look forward to domino every month. there was a time when i stopped their subscription; when it seemed as if every article was interrupted halfway through by an ad. i even wrote them a letter telling them to please stop this, as it was rather annoying. i was having flashbacks from my better homes and gardens days. now, it would seem that lack of those same ads is one reason it folded. yes, the last few issues were showcasing things a little out of most people's budgets, but that never bothered me. i don't actually buy much of anything i see in magazines; be they cheap or pricey. i loved domino because of the flair they had, their eye in photographing amazing homes and businesses. there were so many ideas and so much eye-candy. every issue had at least one thing i had to tag for later inspiration; most used up a major portion of the sticky tags they include.
one would think that in the depressing era we have to go through to pay for the last eight years, things that are simply beautiful to look at would be treasured and kept away from extinction. flighty, whimsical, unnecessary little jewels of fantasy are what we need to brighten our days, to take us away if even for a moment from the cares and needs and drudgery of reality. it's no wonder that the golden era of cinema was during the last great depression.
victoria magazine was revived, medium was brought back, heck even scrubs is airing new episodes. perhaps one day we will again see domino gracing the newsstands and pushing daisies on the television schedule. till then, at least i have the back issues to browse, tag, and admire.

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