say it isn't so

my allergy tests came back yesterday. it's actually pretty funny. so i have absolutely 0 allergic response to gluten. but i am significantly allergic to egg whites. go figure. i guess this past year of avoiding gluten was good practice for now avoiding egg whites. i'm going to miss my non-gluten alternative desserts at restaurants; flan, flourless chocolate torte, rice pudding, creme brulee, tapioca pudding, ice cream, and macarons. i'm also going to miss quiche. i've read about a good alternative using tofu though. i'm not allergic to egg yolk, so that part of the egg can still be baked with at home.
and funnily enough i still have to avoid all of the same things when eating out; pasta, bread, baked goods, dressings, soups, egg rolls, battered fish. and a few new things; fried rice, egg in my pad thai, tamago sushi. bleh. so everything and nothing has changed.
i also have moderate allergies to pineapple, cow milk, pinto beans, kale, alfalfa, asparagus, and vanilla. the vanilla one is a bit of a kicker. i really like natural vanilla in everything i bake, but i guess if i only eat what i bake every four days i'll be ok. i hope. or i can switch to vanilin. yuck.

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