i've gone to the etsy side

so, finally the day has dawned when i've taken that one small step to sell my artwork to the public. it's only been 6 years since i graduated college with a b.f.a.; procrastination is not the word for it. it's more like coming to a point where you have an idea and instead of running only halfway into it, you actually finish the race and make one thing, then another, and then there's three things. it's a gradual pace. will they sell? no clue. but i enjoy making them; and to me it's the creating of something precious from little bits of things that have so much potential that's the challenge and the goal.
please visit my new etsy store, the link is in the right hand side of the screen.


karen said...

good luck with etsy! I am off to add you to my favourites.

studioseven said...

congrats and good luck Anistasia, what i've seen from your blog and flickr, your a talented one so i wish you all the best

anastasia said...

thank you both for your encouragement! it means a lot as i start down this path.