there's something about packaging

i love buying something and receiving it all wrapped up prettily! it's always such a nice surprise when opening up a nondescript box to find the item you ordered all decked out. so when i decided to start selling my pincushions i knew packaging was important.

i wanted it to be inexpensive, but done nicely, in a way that was easily duplicated for every item. eco-friendly packaging is also important to me, so i decided to use recycled paper cardboard boxes, reclaimed packing filler, unbleached wax baggies (instead of plastics for water resistance) with a personal wax seal to close, and reused tissue paper. i also love ribbon, and there may be others out there who love getting it as well, it's such a nice touch.

i hope the receivers of my pincushions love the thought and effort that went into them, from their construction to their packaging!


Ann Martin said...

I so agree with you about packaging and your ideas are lovely. I especially like the rich blue you chose for the ribbon. Wrapping a present is more fun for me than shopping for it! Thank you for your nice comment about my tutorial at HeartHandmade yesterday.

anastasia said...

thanks! i know the packaging shouldn't overwhelm the item, but i just really like getting a well put together package in the mail.