snow day!

so, a little after 7pm last night there was some white stuff falling out of the sky. and sticking. as in not melting right away. weird. because this is savannah georgia. snow is not in the vocabulary.

of course i needed to inspect this snow; was it the good stuff, perfect for making snow people and snow balls, or was it the light dry fluffy stuff that just looks pretty? well, it was the yummy, wet, sticky type, perfect for all things constructed with snow. so i built a snow person, complete with carrot nose.

this is what it looked like outside my window at 7:30 am this morning. it brings back memories of living in the far north, but the good ones. the only thing that really puts a damper on all this is the knowledge that i have to drive on possible black ice roads to go to work. so completely not looking forward to that.

here's meiko, who decided she absolutely had to go outside. only to play leap frog from one clear patch of the porch to another.

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