words in print

have i mentioned before how much i love the written works of georgette heyer? yes, i know she writes romance; but if you can't appreciate that sort of thing during the month of february when can you? before you judge, you should know that georgette heyer is not just any romance author, she was the founder of the regency romance genre, as well as an exceptionally gifted and prolific writer.

her characters are consistently charming, witty, with faults, and melodious with words. her female leads are strong, smart, brave, and sassy. her males are oftentimes humorous, be they corinthians, fops, or dandies, and always charming. she does not shy away from married couples, stutterers, or widows. it's very nice indeed to sometimes read about a heroine that is neither fair of face nor of body; but does not fail in attracting the male leads gaze. there is something to be said about humor, witty intellect, and adventurous leanings in a woman.

the corinthian, arabella, the grand sophy, sylvester, the convenient marriage are some of my favorites. i'm especially loving the new covers put out by sourcebooks casablanca, and are indebted to them for re-releasing these amazing books. due to their age, they were becoming quite scarce and hard to track down.

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