simply stunning

okay, so how amazing is prince poppycock from america's got talent?! the attitude, the sharp and witty comments, the amazingly put together costumes and creative makeup, the stage styling, the beautifully voiced songs, and the oh-so elegant towering wigs. all together he makes quite an exquisite. it's like some of the best characters from a georgette heyer novel come to life.

the entire show was becoming a bit eh and painful to watch, and i was waiting to hear the young female opera singer perform again, when prince poppycock came on stage and i just had a really beautiful moment. i had not been paying much attention to the show before that point, so i ventured online last night to hear and see more; mainly the other three tapings of him. it was wonderful to see them all and to truly appreciate his genius. i can't wait to see more. oh, and i ordered a pin from his boutique. to show support and all.

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