textural yet delicate

i came across a really neat cone of cotton slubby thread and also a jade green cone of pearl cotton at my local yarn store; i love slubby textiles. looking at these thin yarns i really wanted to weave a scarf from them along with a grey bamboo yarn from my habu stash which i could pack for my trip. when i got home i plotted out some warp stripes with the green and grey against the cream, figured out a good width and length and had at it on the warping board.

needless to say the first warp was a disaster; all of the slubby threads stuck to each other like velcro. so this particular thread would be a weft yarn unless spaced with a slicker material. good to know. i salvaged as much as i could, placed them on bobbins and rethought my plans. when in doubt, fall back on pearl cotton.

the second warp went off without fail, and i was able to thread up, get tension, and start to weave. i kind of plan as i go when it comes to the weft threads, i like the sudden thought flashes that happen when i do this. taking notes along the way helps though. and keeping a record along with samples of yarn used.

i like how it came out, wrinkles will only add to it's textural appeal, and it's really light; so perfect to pack for travel.


yahaira said...

stunning really. I love the use of different fibers.

anastasia said...

thank you! i love praise, especially when i am enjoying myself so much, you wonder whether what you like others might.

Suzy said...

Anastasia... I love your sense of color and proportion! Your scarf is beautiful and will be just perfect for your trip! Please keep up with your blog while you are in Japan so we can see what you are doing. Have a wonderful adventure!!!
... Suzy

anastasia said...

thanks! hopefully i'll be able to post pictures while i'm there, see you in december!