the ever present personality at play

happy new year's eve!

i spent the day rereading a favorite book of mine, robin mckinley's sunshine. then after a bit of green tea and delicious pound cake i did some cleaning to welcome in the new year. i try not to be superstitious, but some of it has creeped into my thinking sphere (thanks to my irish mother), so among other things, the urge to do some cleaning on the last day of the year becomes overwhelming.

before it became too dark, several rows of weaving were put in, a kasuri flower, and some zigzags on the sampler currently occupying my loom. i find such peaceful and happy moments in my studio; i question why i do not spend all of my time in it when i am elsewhere.

tonight was a delightfully filled dash around the internet, uncovering new places and discovering delicious things. ann wood, and her rugged owls, magical ships, and enchanting space occupied some time, along with visiting some of the blogs in my bookmarks. it fills me with different parts delight, envy, and inspiration whenever i discover the creative workings of others, and add them to people whose work i admire. ah, the human state of being, we are such tiring creatures.

well, with the new year, a turning of the page of life as it were, i will hopefully strive to become a person whom i admire. i will take that leap, and live up to my name by squeezing myself into the textile artist world; if it will have me is an entirely different concern. my optimistically pessimistic personality shows itself, i think.


jude said...

this is grand!

anastasia said...

no no, really quite humble, just a sampler really.