fond memories found in art

as the lighting was sunny today, i took some photos of the newly rearranged gallery walls.

two masked monkies i painted my great aunts years ago, along with a whimsical jellyfish painting by jennifer davis, and alice in wonderland puppets i bought at an estate sale in my college days, make up the bigger part of the wall. it's more colorful than the previous arrangement (i'm seeing a favorite colors scheme here).

the smaller wall is a little more subdued, the print of the doggies lining up hung in my great aunts bathroom; but as they have both passed on now, it is in my collection. my great aunts had the greatest stuff, usually lovely or funny, or a little bit dirty. i remember a charm i received from them when i was younger, it was a little silver boy peeing (like those found in water fountains), along with a little brass wishing well. they also had this hilda calendar which they would sneak out and show me, usually paired with a wink and a chuckle, every now and then. i hope i can be as kooky when i'm in my 90's. gads, i miss them.

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