rings and things

i like creating jewellery when i really had no such intention of doing so. while contemplating my current weaving project, i was fiddling around with a bit of wool i had attempted to dye, and ended up creating a fuzzy ring. it covered my gold ring very well, and put me in mind of a book i read a long time ago where the main character hid a ring with a bit of scrap so as not to be separated from it. the ring was quite crucial to the entire four book story, many things relied on it and what it kept secret. and, no, it wasn't the tolkein series, but another fantastical series, memory, sorrow, and thorn by tad williams.

one thing i noticed about wearing wool jewellery, is the warmth; my hand remained quite toasty all day. another, is that for such a large piece the softness prevented it from hurting when grasping something hard, or from weighing the hand down and cutting off circulation. neat.

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