change is good

what's even better on french toast than butter and confectioner's sugar? nutella. i'm moving away from my childhood affection to a more refined pairing. or, you know, whatever tastes good. my recipe for individual frenchtoast:

in a shallow bowl, mix:
1 egg yolk
pinch of vietnamese cinnamon
a hearty smattering of nutmeg
a dribble of madagascar vanilla
one good squirt of agave
enough almond milk for 4 slices bread

cut four 1/2 inch slices of italian bread, drown each side in mixture for the count of 5. lay onto well oiled grill for 3 minutes each side (i use coconut oil). if necessary add more milk to mixture if it becomes too depleted before you've dunked the fourth slice, mix well. warm plate under grill if possible. plate up the slices as they become ready (softly browned on each side). using butter knife, generously slather nutella onto each hot slice. pick up fork, eat, enjoy, and say yes to breakfast for dinner.

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