cherry thoughts

i discovered recently, while perusing the sierra magazine, that macon georgia has some of the best cherry blossom viewing in the states. as it is about a 2.5 hr drive from where i live, we had to check it out.

yesterday was a good day to go; the trees were blooming ahead of schedule, and the festival doesn't begin until saturday, so the crowds would be low. the trees were spectacular, ethereal, uplifting, and overwhelmingly beautiful. the delicate flowers rained down with the slightest breeze, and covered the ground below in a soft pink veil.

there is a cherry blossom trail which you can drive down, mainly through residential areas, which we followed. the day was warm, and breezy, and the views were amazing.

we were inspired to buy two small yoshino cherry trees, which we have planted this morning. when they are bigger i would love to lay a quilt down beneath them and gaze through their branches, perhaps with a cup of green tea at hand. it surprises me how much nature calms my soul and quiets unhappy thoughts, i felt things similar to when i was in the kokedera moss temple. it is a feeling i wish i could capture for the moments i panic and become overwhelmed.


Kathryn said...

We have a large Hakusan double flowering cherry in our front yard and every year it invites lots of gawkers.
I didn't realize you lived in Savannah! I grew up in tallahassee, Fl four hours away. I have a dear friend who lives there and runs a design shop.

anastasia said...

oh, neato! we've planted the two cherry trees in amongst four flowering pear trees, so hopefully next spring there will be a lovely show. i haven't been to tallahassee, mostly orlando (yay epcot!). does your friend have a design shop in savannah or florida? i'm trying to stay out of savannah this weekend because of the giant drinking fest (a.k.a., st. pattys) that's happening. upload photos of your cherry tree when it's flowering, i'd love to see it!

Suzy said...

Loved your post about the cherry trees! We drove north of Macon - actually through Macon - on our way up to a fabric outlet sale on Sunday, March 13 in Covington, GA. The blossoms were beautiful then. Some neighbors went up for their Cherry Blossom Festival this past weekend.
Who knew that we had such a treasure there...
Happy for you that you will have a couple right in your backyard!

Spun Angel said...

Agreed~nature is the best medicine! I love going on walks in the forest and camping to ease my spirits. Glad you had a nice day! :)