just what was needed

yay! the bathroom is now finished (or as finished as any room ever is). i've installed the bidet and toilet, along with a toilet paper stand. the toilet paper stand is a reclaimed fireplace tool holder, painted chrome, and now holding a roll of tp.

the only adjustments i needed to make was paint the bidet and toilet a warmer white. now they match well with the sink and bathtub. i keep thinking the space feels a little big, but if the roof were in place, it would be quite snug, so i won't drive myself kooky thinking about it.

the day was coming to an end, the skies loosing the light of the sun, so the photos are not as crisp as i like. i will take new ones tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I still want to know - when can I move in?? Don't think I'd be much good at the dusting. Love the wallpapers.

anastasia said...

i don't always like wallpaper in a home, but in the dollhouse it just really suits it.
when i find that shrink ray, i'll let you know; we can be roomies!

Anonymous said...

cool!! your fibre pkg. is on the way.

anastasia said...

yay! thank you so much!

le said...

Hi, where'd u get the tub, bidet and toilet? did you make it?

anastasia said...

the tub came from world market, the toilet and bidet came from elf miniatures.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I bought a dollhouse and it became a good excuse for not dating. 'Sorry, I can't go, I have things to do around the house.'

I had the house electrified - and bought very nice lights and kitchen chandelier ($48).

Then I shingled the roof and painted the shutters, etc.

When I met and married my husband, we then moved from east to west coast - and the movers absolutely destroyed the kitchen chandelier - never to be seen again! Broke roofing shingles - and one thing about another happened - and my lovely dollhouse is in a box in the garage and hasn't been seen for over 10 years.

I love seeing what you've done!!!

Thank you so much for sharing.