not too shabby

i ventured over to the georgia national fair yesterday. the exhibition of art pieces was really nice! it was fun hunting down all 23 of my pieces, taking photos as i came across them. the tally is: 4 first place, 6 second place, 3 third place, and 2 honorable mentions. not too bad at all for my first competition!

next year i want to go after one of the giant rosette ribbons, so i have to start planning. as well, i would like to enter some things in the fine art competition. here's to a successful 2012!


Velma said...

congratulations! feels pretty good, right?!! i loved getting a state fair ribbon once upon a time--

anastasia said...

yes! it's very empowering getting ribbons! these are my first, and i'm going to display them proudly when i get them next week. yay!