the art of learning

this weekend was very exciting for me! i worked on and finished my first quilted piece; it's narrative but in a modern more free approach way. there's nothing quite like the feeling of a quilted object between your hands; it's so tactile and cushiony, with ripples and bumps.

i took part in a workshop that concentrated on breaking away from traditional quilting, into a more instinctual technique of piecing and quilting. i started by gathering a variety of material that drew my eye then sorted them into a pile based on how the colors partnered. then, trying to ignore the urge to measure, i just cut and sewed as i went. while looking at my non-geometric form i started seeing a house! then it all went crazy fun from that point on.

surprisingly, and thankfully, i learned an incredible amount about my sewing machine and freemotion sewing. things such as using a bigger needle for thicker fabrics, taking it slow, and always check the backside when you start a new line; you could've built a nest with all of the thread i ripped out. i was also reminded of the incredibly useful water-erasable fabric marker.

something i really want to do is make a deliciously lux lap quilt, something soft and cozy. i want to use felt, wool, silk, raw silk, linen, cashmere bits and double gauze cotton. but all in a soft palette with greys and natural creamy hues with some shots of muted colors. it shall be my winter project. i may even quilt it by hand once it's pieced together. hmm.

(in case your eyes are crossing trying to see the house: the long teal rectangle in the middle is a chimney, the tan square just to the left is a roof with a window, the pie shaped teal piece is part of a porch roof and the herringbone wool just below it is the steps, the window with shutters and window box is an easy giveaway. it's in the cubist style.)


jude said...

i like the fringe in there.

anastasia said...

as long as it isn't attached to an article of clothing i'm all for fringe, fringe is good.