quilting sampler

after taking the quilting workshop i feel very inspired to do more free motion sewing. a few days ago i decided to have at it and threw together some pieces of scrap fabric i had and just started making swirls and curlicues; then when i felt confident enough i sketched out an octopus and away i went with my needle and machine.

the octopus came out so cute; i really like octopus' they're really very fun to stitch and paint. and although i know they have eight legs, i tend to always leave one out as it is behind the head and not visible. artist's license and all.
then i decided to sketch a change purse. why? no clue. but it's so little, must be a paupers purse.

while looking at the first stitching i imagined they were the wild untamed tresses of a woman; the type of hair i always long for. so i put a face to them. i don't really like portraiture, or realistic art, it was one thing i suffered through in college. but, regardless of like, i think she turned out well.

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