there's a restaurant in savannah that deals in pizza which i've heard has a pesto pie with guava. i would really like to try this. maybe this week i'll find out and let you know how it tastes. i love guava juice, and the color of its flesh is amazing; not quite pink yet not really peach.

while thinking of this, i felt the need to put together this color combination for a cushion. i've titled it "the importance of being guava". i haven't actually seen the whole film the importance of being earnest, nor read the book. i feel it fits though, in whichever weird convoluted way works for you.

the linen that i used for the front is exceptionally awesome; the texture, the weave, it's softness, the lightness of the natural linen against the white cotton. yum. i was thinking it would be very nice to have an article of clothing in this material.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog !

I LOVE this patchwork cushion, the Bird in Paradise Umbrella Prints fabric looks gorgeous ..

Katherine x

nycrun said...

nice artistic patch work

anastasia said...

thanks for such lovely compliments!

the savannah room: umbrellaprints makes such lovely colorful fabric, the base fabric is really nice to work with.

Anonymous said...

I know, I just LOVE it !

I'm also loving the new patchwork you've done .. keep the blog posts coming !

Katherine x