at liberty

i have started down the perilous road of collecting liberty tana lawn. at first i just sampled the fabric, not really being sure what it was like in person, acquiring small pieces that i could use in my patchwork projects. i was really drawn to these darker prints, something i do not have a lot of.

then, upon receiving these bits in the mail, i became enamored and needed larger widths and lengths. i turned to purl soho, which has quite a few from this years seasonal collection. i have been eying one print in particular, the pink grey haxby. so, i chose a quarter yard of this print, along with the pink caesar, and sarah's secret pastel garden. i haven't a clue what to do with these lovelies now that i have them. i really would like to make a quilt, mostly using a few white fabrics of natural fibers, so that these prints in the pink hues really stand out and shine.

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