to be surrounded by lovely things.

i've an art gallery of sorts. in my bathroom. i think it's a great place to have art; the walls are painted white, the light is bright but soft as it is filtered by the frosted glass of the window. the small space really allows you to display varying sizes without the fear of needing to fill a large area.

as long as i don't shut the door when showering, humidity isn't really an issue.


Alexis said...

Since I'm a wuss for cold air, I always shut the door when I shower. To counter this, I put up art that is somehow durable, like this lacquered wood bird plaque thing.

anastasia said...

it's never really bone chilling cold here, but on occasion i'll close the door; i just need to open the window afterwards to get the humidity out quickly. lacquered anything could withstand hot showers.