pretty polly

echo needed a new frock for the holidays. and as i have been neglecting the poor little sprite i felt it was time to make her one. i had some small scraps left of the nani iro coururiere fabric, even after these three projects i have still a tiny bit more.

drawing inspiration from the dress i spoke of yesterday, i went about cutting and sewing. there were some moments i had to pick up my seam ripper, but after some time a finished garment was made. luckily i was done minutes before i had to head out the door to work.

i love this color against her skin. it's really soft but bright; the salmon goes wonderfully with her skin and face tones, she really warms up as her current hair is like corn silk and makes her quite pale. all she needs is maybe a pretty bauble and she can be off to enjoy winter solstice.


Anonymous said...

I love this dress! The fabric and the shape is just so fantastic and unique! The color especially is perfect for her.

Hope you are well,

anastasia said...

thank you; we love getting adoration! the french resin really goes well with soft colors and fabrics, plus her eye makeup is "out there" enough that she can pull off such delicate things.

i've been absent from the abjd world for a bit, life gets messy; but otherwise things are well. wishing you and yours good things!