if at first you fail

you don't quite know what you're capable of until you try. this is something i've learned in the last couple of days. also, that sticking with something, overcoming the mistakes and finishing it, can be rewarding.

the case in point is a pair of slippers; my pseudo turkish, slightly clown-like slippers. i found it somewhat difficult to find a pair of house slippers for japan within a certain price range and also ones that i liked. so after a fruitless search on my regular avenues (etsy, zappos, google) i decided to make a pair. i remembered that martha stewart had a pattern for felt slippers, a pretty pair with a flower silhouette cut out.

i may have started with that pattern, but it's not what i ended up with. i made several key sizing mistakes (too large), but after seam ripping, cutting, resewing, more seam ripping, painful finger pads, pin stabs (hopefully my last tetanus shot is still active), i had a somewhat eccentric pair of slippers which have lots of toe room and do a reasonably good job of staying on my feet. as far as price goes (creation time notwithstanding), i had on hand everything i used in the making of them; leather for the sole, industrial felt, padded fabric, fabric for the binding, thread, and yarn for the pompoms. needless to say, this may very well be the last time i make my own pair of slippers; i think i'll just buy a pair when these wear out.

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