beginning to weave once more

i am learning that there really is more than one way to do something, more than one meaning to a word, more than one use for a tool. different methods with the same name are created when the origins of a need differ. the way of weaving that i was first taught has a mirror like image in the way i am learning now, but that mirror is as the one in alice through the looking glass; so familiar but really not quite the same.

it is interesting to tread the line which on either side is a culture, more difficult perhaps to walk it down the middle, using bits of both. well, i continue to warp the loom today, something i have done several times in the past, but do freshly for today.

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Suzy said...

love reading about your adventures... your thoughts on familiar yet really not quite... are very similar to the feelings I had when I was there..
ENJOY every single second!!!
we're thinking about you...
Suzy and your fiber guild buddies