most awesomest ever

i read about the handmade market at kamigamo shrine, on the fourth sunday of the month, and knew i would have to attend. i've seen photos of the amazing hand crafts of japan, and most definitely wanted to see them in person. i was not let down, in any way. point of fact, i was really blown away by all the very creative and beautiful pieces people are doing!

there was plenty of delicate jewellery, an amazing selection of pan, cookies, and cakes, really pretty accessories made from old kimono, and adorableness with hints of kookiness everywhere. i wish i had brought more money with me, but regardless, i did manage to decimate my o-miyage list down to three items remaining. when i return home and gift the prettiness out, i will post photos. something i've noticed, and not only here today, is the attention paid to packaging in kyoto is really amazing; it makes me want to set a higher standard for myself when it comes to my work.

i did not think that the artists would want you taking photos, or i would have taken more, but when i noticed my friend kyo-san taking photos and the artists happily allowing it, i started photographing some of the things that caught my eye.

well, a return to class tomorrow; dyeing of the kasuri yarn.


Suzy said...

It's interesting that you should mention the attention to packaging. That's common throughout Japan! I know when my oldest daughter was an exchange student in Sapporo the same thing struck her. She continues to this day to be aware of the presentation of the wrapping. It's all in the attention to the simple details!

anastasia said...

definitely! i love packaging the things i make, even wrapping presents in a unique way, so it's really nice to see other people's attention to this. it's sad that this isn't true in the usa; the only packaging is the plastic stuff that you can't get your item out of.