well, what have i been eating? as that seems to be a general theme when visiting other countries, i'll tell you. mostly, throughout the week, oishii nihon ryuri, prepared in the cafeteria at school. i've eaten udon, battered squash, beans, various mushrooms made into soups, seaweed, lots and lots of cooked fish, soups, rice, and so many other things which can be labeled home-style japanese cooking for which i have no name.

i make most of the classic japanese food choices while out and about kyoto on the weekends; sushi with miso soup, cold soba, ramen (oh delicious fresh ramen, steamy hot giant bowl of ramen, how i will miss you), pan, mochi, matcha anything. kyoto is known as quite the foodie capital, so there are many options. as for trying a nice variety of foods, somehow, i haven't gotten very far past ramen, as it has become my ichiban suki food here in japan. i've got eight free days left, so perhaps, i will try many more things (but i can't guarantee anything, as i really do love ramen).


Suzy said...

Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!
Talked about you and your adventures with your mom and the spinners at Unwind the other day. Were your ears burning?

anastasia said...

they were! both the yummy food, and this strange sensation of being discussed. but, i'm really having a lot of fun, my kasuri class begins today.

Suzy said...

had to look it up... ikat... can't wait to see what you come up with!