small landscapes

just checking in. there really is a lot of neat moss and lichen growing here, i pass by some interesting miniature landscapes on my way to the bus. they're very neat, and so strange. i plan on visiting kokedera moss temple, on an upcoming weekend, which has over 200 different species. it makes sense, though, all this moss, because the humidity here is definitely making itself known.

i freak out a little when i have to take photos; because, for the most part, my forte lays elsewhere. but i'm beginning to think that maybe i should just photograph interesting bits, and miniature details, things that appeal to me, rather than what i think would please others.

some photos i take are for academic purposes; to gather information in visual form. others, are to remember, or to post here. i'm very horrible when it comes to including people in my photos; i don't like my picture taken, so i try not to capture other people. which can make my photo album look kind of lonely. well, anyways, memory creates a certain fondness for someone when there isn't any photo to look at.

food update:
still foaming at the mouth when i think of all that matcha goodness that is so close. so far, i've had a milky matcha iced drink with tapioca this last weekend, haagen daz matcha ice cream paired with toast and blueberry jam one day for breakfast, a matcha kit-kat, matcha infused pan, matcha baked goods, matcha birthday cake, matcha soft serve ice cream, and matcha tea. so much matcha, but so little time to hunt down all that goodness! must make better headway this weekend.


Suzy said...

love these miniature worlds that you have found!

Joy said...

So glad someone else has succumbed to a very Japanese trait of eating strange things at strange times (well - stranger to westerners). I recently had coffee icecream and mandarin cheesecake for breakfast with my host family. It's good fun to discover other ways of living!